Family Day

Today Sanj took the day off thinking he would get some snowboarding in. Since the weather was -20 something that didn’t happen. So as we all woke up slowly, sluggish and unwanting to start the day… we decided that everyone would skip school and we would go to breakfast and then go cheer Max’s game.

This week is the Atom Hockey Tournament… it is a big deal for kids in hockey ages 9-10. They get to miss a bit of school and it is their moment to shine.

Well within 5 minutes of making the decision to skip school, it suddenly felt like um maybe not. So begins the day. Unfortunately Sammy begins his attitude right away. It is not yet 8 a.m. Zachary is over tired. Josh is Josh. Sanj is frazzled.

The countdown to this day being over has begun.

I think that part is expectation. In my head, I see a warm fuzzy family moment. I see overly tired kids and feel like what a great day it would be for them to just be able to relax. PSH……….. the wand is cast.

Yet they are still kids full of complaint about each other, so and so touching each other, whatever. So in my head the warm fuzzy didn’t happen because I would have to rid myself of at least half the children. Sanj probably just needed to have the day to himself.

We still have the weekend to be together. And everyone seems grumpy. Maybe this is family day… or maybe everyday is family day.

I feel like I am the only one that appreciated our togetherness. Yet didn’t really appreciate it because there was no appreciativeness in the others. Does that make any sense?

The reality is this is us. There is constant appreciation and unappreciation. There is laughing and crying. There is sharing and complaining. There is pinching and hugging. There is noise. Quietness usually eludes us… until that noise is taken over by snoring. There is disappointment and moments of pride.

So was the day. The good parts were Jordan being given the OK to play hockey by his eye doctor. The boys have discovered Gilligan’s Island… black and white TV and loved and laughed through it. Max played a great game and had a good time.
I loved when Tyler went to Max and said, “Wow Max, you skate really fast.” Just what Max needed to hear from his brother! I loved that all my men have a common interest that keeps them connected… hockey.

So despite the disappointments of this day… I loved it. I loved us just being together.
These are just moments of the day (pictures)… taken by different boys.

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