Catching Up!

I can’t believe that last post was in October! Life has been very busy and I have often come to my blog to write and realize that I never finished posts that I began. A lot of times these post are few memories later in years for us as a family to remember.

November 2019’s highlight was Josh’s baptism. He wanted Uncle Kumar to baptize him. This meant we celebrated Thanksgiving twice, Canadian and American. The cousins and some of the extended cousins came down and we had a blast as only can happen with some 30 people gathered to celebrate.

Baptism, as we believe in as a family is by immersion in water as we publicly show our acceptance of Jesus in our lives. Josh made this decision of his own. And yet I think my mom had an influence over the times she was with him.

Josh had/has a whole in his eardrum, thus any water entering his ear causes pain. His dad the audiologist had an earplug made and all was set. This poor child was so stressed about the going under. But as with anything involving his Uncle Kumar, there is always a unique element.

It was great to be together as a family as this seems to require planning now days.

Love these faces!

This is one of my favourite pictures from the weekend with the cousins. Jordan decided to make cookies with some of the cousins! I think birth control was his lesson for when he is married! LOL

Who knew little girls were to chatty!

FALL 2019 also meant I headed to BC to reunite with my brothers and meet my new niece! Tyler and Max went along with me and we were able to share in the dedication of my new, precious, niece Isabella. Tyler and I fought for baby snuggles!

Siblings together again
Sneaking in some baby loving from my Tyler!
My niece and nephew loving a trip to Toys R Us!

During this whirlwind trip to BC, the boys and I rented a car and drove the 5ish hours to Richland, Washington to visit the newest member of the Knight family! This big guy was a little guy I babysat, what seems like not that long ago!

Love at first sight!

This was a small recap of the fall. November came with serious ugly drama.  I have not written about it simply because it requires so much emotional energy that I have not found.

So I will share a few of the media coverage but all in all the support was incredible.  And ignorance is still alive and well as was shown to us through some of the comments.

Oh well, the end result in all of this was that we were and continue to be proud of our sons.  Zachary showed restraint, grace and was so great in sharing his story with the media.  He obviously gets his calmness and poise from his dad!


I”ll end this post here. But this isn’t the end of the year yet!!!
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