I’m so furious!  How many times do we have to hear that “it happened to me too?”  How many times is it a trusted teacher, pastor, principal?  Of course I realize there are so many others that are perpetrators but I am specifically talking about you!  You were a principal and their teacher.  You were their confidante and their friend’s father. You were at the pulpit countless times!!! You had the act down pat.  You preached of God’s love.  You taught religion and the bible to them.  IT makes me wonder if you are simply a psychopath? You feel no remorse. You feel no guilt.  You take.  You violate. You touch.  You look.  You break an innocent trust that was a gift.

I am so furious!  Yes, I have my story.  Yes I have shared it countless times.  YET when does it stop?  I am realizing that it doesn’t.  I am so sad that while change is happening and times are changing, there are so much of “us.”  Those that have been hurt in the decades past.  Those that have carried this “secret” for 50 years, 60 years, 70 years, 40 years, 30 years, and all those in between.  One random ( or not so random) act of evil, 60 seconds of a touch that was never supposed to happen,  has forever changed a life.

You taught them to read, write, memorize Bible texts, play at recess with kindness, placed a Band-Aid on a skinned knee, all things that those blessed to work with children did.  And yet all that, is a blur.  That one touch, that one kiss, that one attempt has changed their world.  You robbed them of something they will never get back… their trust in others, their innocence, their childhood.  

I really hope YOU know that I am talking to YOU!  You are my Facebook “Friend.”  You are a family “Friend.”  And yet you are NOT!  I want to scream at you for all your VICTIMS!!!!  I hope you realize that there IS NO  Statute of Limitations where this happened.  And now people know.

I wonder how many are reading this, wondering if it is you.  I feel sorry for you if you too have this worry of being found out.  God knows. 

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