Laughing Out Loud

This post is about nothing… meaning I am sick of myself and tired of the heaviness that I seem to feel constantly of late. The Harvey Weinstein verdict, the stories of the athletics at Ohio State, yadda yadda sent me into a downward spiral and blah blah blah.

This is one of my faves despite the photo being taken in the 100 degrees weather! Love my boys!

So this is about the joys of boys! I have posted some of these on Facebook but I am reposting so they are on my blog for memories for our family years later. 🙂

Often times the boys say things that leave me speechless. I am so shocked at the way their minds work. They are really one of my biggest blessings.

“I was walking with a girl and she walked through a puddle so I felt I had to or I would look like a wimp. She had boots and since I didn’t I had wet feet all day.”

Pick up line: “Would you like to go on a date with me? You’ll enjoy a fine Indian made by my mom.”

“I feel more productive when I shave.”

“Was I a mistake? Who has six kids?”

“Scaliness (dry skin) is cool.”

“Does this shirt look too dirty?”

“That tasted like butt-cheek on a stick!”

This is an experience Max had at the grocery store his works at. He works in the health and wellness products and food.

A middle-aged lady approached him, asking if he could show her where the yeast products were. Max is 18-19 years old. He told her that she would find yeast in the baking section. This lady had a great laugh at his innocent response when she explained it was yeast cream, at this point when Max clued in. She said she probably should have not asked a young man. My poor child! 🙂

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