This has been such a game changer in our world. We have our new reality and for this mama bear, having almost all her cubs surrounding her has been such a blessing. I love my boys! We have been so blessed to not have contracted the virus and for this I am so thankful. Sukumarans practicing social distancing in pictures.

Food seems to be the tie that binds us in a big way. We have been baking a lot (as is everyone else from the lack of flour and yeast out there). One of the things we did was to give a kid a designated day for supper. They had to think of the meal, shop for the ingredients and cook the meal. The creativity was amazing and they did their mama proud!

Max brought his skills from work (one of them being noticing expiry dates and emptied out my spice cupboard).

Haircuts needed…

Sanj made cool workouts for the boys to do since the gyms are closed.

Jordan trying his hand at hair cutting.

They say a picture says a 1000 words. Boredom defined.

Jordan is Sanj’s mini me.

These two are my shadows. Why not lounge on the comfy mat and in my way while I am making supper?

Josh mastered banana bread!

Zach working out legs.

Jordan loves cooking. We’ve been treated with pizzas, fish and chips, burgers, Cajun chicken… I am loving the break from thinking of what’s for supper.

Why not FaceTime everyone at home?

Puzzles are a way to decompress and gather my boys around me.

Sanj doing what he loves.

Why? Why Not!

I have loved this time of social distancing. It has been good for our family. Not sure what week we are in or what day it is, for that matter. There are so many things that we are sad to miss. This was a big year for Zach. He will be missing prom and graduation. Tyler would have had graduation with the completion of his BA in Business. So proud of these boys of mine! We are missing our friends. We are missing the things we take for granted┬ásuch as haircuts, shopping for a new white tee-shirt or simply going in and out of places. And yet despite all this, I am so grateful for health for each of my men, for family time and seeing God’s faithfulness everyday as we walk through this new reality.

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  1. Boz says:

    Way to go Boz!
    Love seeing all the pictures and commenties… we are there with you all!
    Be safe and God bless.

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