One of the things I love about my children is watching them dream BIG! I love that they have dreams that are not tarnished by little things such as money and reality. They don’t have limitations in their dreams. Oh to bring that trait into with you into adulthood is such a wonderful thing. You always have your dreams!

I remember when Tyler was a bit younger… he really believed that he would one day play hockey in the NHL. Oops… he is reading over my shoulder and says, “I still will, you know I will!”

Love it! He lives and breathes hockey (and golf). A few years ago he wrote a story about going to a game and Toronto goalie got hurt. They called Tyler to fill in! He was thrilled! The story goes on to tell of the amazing moves he had and the start of his dream coming true.

Josh… dreams of becoming Indiana Jones and a mall cop!

Then there is Zach. He is a dreamer. He is actually saving his money for his dream… to own a ATV! His piggy bank holds less than a dollar in change. Yet he talks about WHEN he gets his ATV he will…

Tomorrow is his birthday. What I love about being a parent is being able to make a dream come true whether it is a big one or a small one!

Dreams! I think that the only way to live is to continue dreaming. Dream big! Dream about tomorrow! Just Dream!

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