Happy Birthday Zachary!

My sweetie pie Zachary has turned 7 years old!

I can truly say life without Zachary would be like never seeing the sun shine! He is such a bundle of joy, robust energy and full of curiosity. He is never still. He loves everything boy. Dirt, bugs, bikes,skateboards, snowboards, and has an unusual shoe fetish!

Sanj and I always planned on 4 children but never 4 boys. So we had another child. It was so in God’s plan for this wonderful boy to fill our home with that element that only Zach could fill.

Happy Birthday Zachary Thomas!
Oh how much I love you!
Stay just as you are… well a little quieter would be OK! 🙂
You will be what ever you want to be!
You are an amazing boy!
I am so proud to be your mom!
I love you infinite!

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One Response to Happy Birthday Zachary!

  1. kumardixit says:

    happy bday zack. wow you are growing up. I am disturbed that you are all bundled up in this picture but not wearing gloves!