Valentines is this weekend. I hate Valentines. As much as I hate the made up holiday… I am a huge fan of love!

Sanj got tickets to see Sound of Music for us. We get to spend Saturday night in Toronto… just us!

Sanj’s brother and wife (hope she knows) are keeping the boys.

This means no meals to be made, no nagging, no laundry! Yah!

Anonymous asked how Sanj and I met… those of you who know… skip to another blog 🙂

Sanj and I went to the same university in Michigan. (Andrews University… it is part of the Adventist church system).

I was a freshman and thrilled to be in the real world (sorta) and discovering myself without constant fear.

Sanj was a Junior and “in love” with a girl.

The next year we both ended up at an Indian potluck on campus seeking out homemade food.

We became friends (well, really, he tolerated me and my hyperness).
I had a crush on him. He was busy tending to his broken heart. (cue violins)

We remained friends for the 8 or so years as we lived our own lives. (I dated… he went to grad school at George Washington).

Sanj came for my graduation.

It was a weird weekend. He just looked at me different one night.
(This, I am sure, was a God thing),

When I told my girlfriends he kissed me… they were genuinely confused. Who did? lol

This rest is history. Once we reached this point… we knew we were together.
It was a little scary to change from friendship to relationship and yet it was the most natural thing to do.
We dated 2 years and then got married.

Of course this is a synopsis of our story.
Someday, Anonymous, when you and I met… I will tell the whole story if you are interested. 🙂

When Sanj came into my life… it just got better. I loved being with him. He made me laugh. He made me mad. He made me happy and sad. He made me feel love… real love. He loved me back. That never really happened before.

So as much as I hate Valentines… the commercialism and how it makes people feel… I love My Valentine.

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One Response to I HEART U!

  1. kumardixit says:

    There is nothing like tumeric, cayenne pepper, cloves, a few mustard seeds, and some green chili's that will make two people fall in love at an Indian potluck.

    Hot curried, Indian breath. What a perfect recipe for kissing!

    Yum yum.