Cutting the Cord…

It is no secret that Josh and I share a special bond. He is especially attached to me. I know the doctor or Sanj… who ever cut the cord… thought they did… but they didn’t do a good job. He is attached.

Today I took the boys to the ski hill. Josh really wanted to ski (so he thought). I told him that he would have to have a teacher… because I can not ski. After a lot of humming and hawing… he decided that he could smile to this teacher and learn from him.

As soon as Josh saw the guy… I could see doubt and fear. So I puttered with them for a minute… not realizing that this “teacher” was going to take my baby on that dreaded and much feared ski lift… (one of the reason I have no desire to ski).

Oh my gosh! My heart was racing… yet as Josh slowly walked from me… very slowly, I do believe, we took the first step to cutting that cord.

I was so proud of him!!! I am sure he must have been scared and unsure yet he preserved!

Josh went up and down that hill 4 times!!!

He had a great time! He is on his way to becoming a skier!

And I am that much closer to becoming an undisturbed chalet bunny!

Zach is determined to become a snowboarder. He took a lesson last year and again this year insisted that he try again.
It is quite a effort. Yet he did it… he has such a spirit!

Needless to say my young ones were fast asleep with no effort!

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One Response to Cutting the Cord…

  1. yves says:

    Wow! 6 boys, well that must be something!!
    I enjoyed skimming through your blog, anyway (I am doing so in search of people who have been reading "The kite runner")