Valentine’s Day!

Sanj is a romantic at heart. He is creative and thoughtful. Valentines is just another day… and yes, we don’t need a specific day to show our love… but hey… it is here, so why not!

He got tickets for Sound of Music, arranged for the kids to spend the night at his brother’s… and we had 24 hours to ourselves.

My only task was to get a hotel room… which I began to do minutes before we were leaving… much to his chagrin. Oh relax… I got one! (phew)!

We dropped off the kids… and then got in a bit of shopping. My perfect way to start of anything!

Then we went to our favorite Thai restaurant in Toronto and enjoyed! Mango salad, spring rolls, curries, and our favorite to end things, mango with sticky rice!

Finally we checked into our hotel and relaxed.

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One Response to Valentine’s Day!

  1. kumardixit says:

    seriosly, I am bothered by how much we look alike. It is very scary.

    Glad you had a good vday. We ended up attending the romantic spaghetti dinner sponsored by the pathfinders at the church. Guess who was there, Debbie D. and husband. 🙂