Today… I am overwhelmed.
Nothing major… no need for therapy… yet maybe my little happy pill isn’t working.

Last night Zachary comes into my room… after throwing up all over his bed. Sick. They are dropping… yet one at a time.

Symptoms: Belly ache, feet ache (weird… yet each one had it) and vomitting.

Vomit: the act or process of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth (thanks Websters).

I am not a person that has a strong stomach. The “process of ejecting the contents of the stomach” myself is hard enough to deal with. The act of being sympathetic towards another little person engaged in this activity and cleaning up after them is a little more than I can handle.

All I really want to yell is “Don’t miss the toilet… and then brush your teeth… please!”

So in the middle of the night I am cleaning up the contents of a stomach and trying to hold my own contents in!

Thus begins the day.

I have my first mammogram this morning. True be told … I am stressed. Will it hurt? What if they see something? Naked in front of a stranger??? (I am sure this is a blog all to it self).

Then I get a phone call last night and yet again this morning… a “friend” of mine wants me to go skiing.
Next week Wednesday is Ski Day for the boys at school. I have “tried” skiing. I am scared. I am scared to death of the ski lift. I am even more scared of others laughing at me. I am scared of breaking a bone. I am scared.

This “friend” is so persistent. She doesn’t understand this fear. Oh I know this fear is irrational. I have this fear of others groaning and moaning when I am up to bat (figuratively and literally).

Deep down I wish I could be one of those people zipping down this hill… looking ever so cool.
I am scared of what my friend will think of me once she realizes how uncoordinated I really am… how God forgot to pass any athletics to me when He was handing it out.

Yet maybe God put this dearly pain in the rump person in my life to challenge me. Boy does she challenge me! So here is another challenge. Can I overcome this fear?

Well I could go on… but what would be the point? I have complaints. But really as I think about the bigger picture… I am grateful for so much.

The icing on a day like today is that Grey’s Anatomy is on. At least I’ll end the day on a positive note… unless it is a show on breast cancer! Yikes… my husband’s pessimistic self is rubbing off!

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One Response to Vomitrocious

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ya,this is the 'friend'….the naggy 'friend'.

    Suck it up lady! and strap on those skiies!