The Big Squeeze!

Today I had my first mammogram.

The one thing that kept going through my head was “wow, I am old.”

The other thing was wondering what I would look like without breast. Silly. I know. But nevertheless, this was my thought.

I did have a moment where I wondered if they squeeze too hard if my breast would rupture.

OK.. silliness. It was all fine. Discomfort… a few seconds and then done.

I would use the word pressure… but I remember that being the description in childbirth as the baby was crowning. Yum… that isn’t pressure! That is major pressure!

It was great to be able to use the new technology that has come to the Ptbo Breast Assessment Center. It was also great to know that monies earned from the Dragon Boat Festival that we participate in helped fund this.

Be safe… get checked out. Go for your squeeze!

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One Response to The Big Squeeze!

  1. sg says:

    I had my squeeze last week..more like crushing in a vice grip…and now I find out I get to go back for MORE!!!!! They have to do it again on one side…Not fun!