I am constantly trying to endorse healthier eating in our lives.

It is a constant struggle with life on the go. It is a constant battle with 8 different taste buds to contend with at every meal.

So I keep fighting the battle. One day at a time. One meal at a time.

I win some or I lose some.

My friend, Cindy had made this while I was visiting.

I made it for supper tonight, served with salad and veggies and dip.
It was a hit!
Thanks Cindy!

I used the Ezekiel Sprout Bread (from frozen)
spread pizza sauce on the bread (Cindy just spread ketchup)
add cheese.
I am sure you can add meat and veggies.. I just kept it simple to accommodate everyone’s taste buds.
Bake till cheese is melted and bread toasted.

It was delicious.

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2 Responses to Yum!

  1. a friend says:

    Yay Reema…isn't it so simple, yet so delicious! I know it's not "gourmet", but it covers all the food groups and the kids are always(mine are) happy to eat it:)
    My kids like them room temp. as well…lunches.

  2. a friend says:

    One other thing…for those who prefer a 'crispy' crust, simply put bread in toaster before other steps:)