The Boys Day Out!

Yesterday we took the boys downtown Toronto for the day.

We went to brunch at Marche. It was fun to watch them enjoy the feast.

My boy, Zachary, has the palate of a man. Steak, shrimp, sushi… big appetite for a little man!

Then we lined up to pay the bill. Ummm… it will be peanut butter sandwiches for the rest of the week!

We made our way to the Auto Show.

The older boys were very excited to check out the latest.

I was overwhelmed at how busy it was. It was a little panicky that we would lose one of the boys.
I felt like I was on a field trip. Stay close to your partner. There was a constant flow of prayers being sent upward to keep us from getting lost.

Then there was the junk stands… well this is what I call them. You know, all the vendors selling stuff that will end up on the floor of the car on the ride home.

Sammy was the only one that caved and bought these ridiculous pair of glasses. Apparently they are in… I told him to show me one person wearing them… well he shows me friends on Facebook.

OK.. what ever. Every child has to have their fashion nightmare picture. This child may just have more than one!

All in all it was a day that I enjoyed just being together. Next year, car show… I’ll skip and hop over to the Eaton’s Centre instead!

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