Racism… alive and well…

Yesterday we took the boys to a friend’s place to play a game of hockey on the lake.

After getting the boys settled, I went with my friend to get a coffee from Tim Horton’s.

We are in a very small town. I am not sure there were other people of any pigmentation in their skin.

We are in line.

I hear behind me “Slum-dog Millionaire.”

I look behind (ready to engage in conversation about this book I read)…

Behind me are two (ignorant) men. They look right at me as they say this.

I turn around.

I don’t deal with this on a daily basis (thankfully). Actually, usually I forget I am darker than my peers, as I don’t even think about it. Until someone else brings it up. Then I remember I am different.

I could have said many things back to them. None of them would have been Christlike. But I didn’t want to bring myself that low.

It must be hard to be so ignorant.

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3 Responses to Racism… alive and well…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well sweetie, this is the difference between you and I.

    I would have proudly turned around and continued your thoughts of provoking a conversation about the book. Then I would have informed them that I was just visiting the area as one of the little girls in the movie was my niece. Funny enough, she made more money on that movie than you (the ignorant man) will make in a life time, and she is only 8 years old.

    Maybe what you experienced was 'Ignorance…alive and well'.

    You let him deflate you…shame on you!

    Cheers from your white friend!!!!

  2. SG says:

    I am sorry you experienced that..Ignorant and hurtful people to be sure!

  3. kumardixit says:

    As difficult as our childhood was, I am REALLY glad our parents immigrated from India to North America. Can you imagine what we'd be doing with our lives in India? Perhaps starring in the movie, Slumdog?

    Usually not a day goes by when somebody makes an "Indian" comment to me. Like, "Guess what I ate yesterday…" Really, you ate Indian, wow. I am glad you thought of me. I do too, every time I eat at McDonalds and Wendys, or eat a grill cheese sandwich.

    And I live in the big city, where people are supposed to be 'cultured."