Does ___ like me? Circle one…

Sometimes I forget I am a girl. Weird. I know. What I mean is being around boys all day, I find myself trying to think like they might or put myself in their shoes.

I do this alot. So much so that I realized that often I don’t like girls. I get mad at them and their ways.

Of course it is just kids being kids, but when it ends up being hurtful it causes my claws to come out.

Case and point: My oldest is friends with girls. They invite him to their youth groups or text him etc. It looks like they are into him(of course, this is cause for an increase in my heart rate).

Yet really they are friends with him because they are into his friend. They are trying to scope out information… “Does ____ like me?”

Yet I wonder how my child feels. I don’t think that being used is the right term. It is a natural cycle. Yet when it happens constantly… I can’t help but wonder… how does it make him feel, really, deep down inside?

Of course I am not into my 12 or 13 year old dating. A hockey mom was bragging about her 13 year old and his girlfriend. Yikes.
I want confidence for them and the realization that dating someone does not make you cooler or better.

But I remember wishing for a date or steady boyfriend around this age. I remember feeling less than because I wasn’t even kissed till after high school!

So can I shape their minds around this concept?

Should I even care or worry?

I can’t even process this as a girl… I can only feel the heart of my child…

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