The Beauty of Being a Boy!

Today, after school, I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store.

Sammy and Josh were home. I only had the middle 4 boys with me.

They know to behave. They are usually good in public. Today the tiles on floor became a play ground.
They were really rambunctious.

A lady looks at me and smiles with sympathy (I am assuming) and says…” Oh dear, Boys!”

I had no reply. The proof was in the pudding. I think I just grunted a reply or maybe I just made a sound.

There is such beauty in boys. There is wonderful excitement, energy and noise. It just follows them as they run around.

LIfe is a big playground. Objects, any objects are for swings, climbing and jumping off.

The louder the better. The rougher the greater the adventure. They can’t seem to help but touch everything and every one.
They can’t help but talk, tease and taunt. The object is to get a rise out of the nearest thing breathing.

They love to joke, trick and prank. They will pee wherever is convenient. And then brag about it.

They love to bounce off the walls. They love to chase each other with something disgusting.

The best part is that laughter that follows the boyish craze… if you have a boy in your life, you know the laugh…

It is a belly laugh, loud and full of delight. Victory. Total thrill of the kill.

Every mom, no matter how annoyed you are, can not help but smile. You can’t help it. Beauty. That smile. Music. That laughter.

Boys. Strange, wonderful, lovely yet odd creatures.

Oh how I love them. Oh how I love them most when they are still… content, snoring from a day of being boys.

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One Response to The Beauty of Being a Boy!

  1. sg says:

    I could not have said it better myself!