The Crazy Mom

I get the usual line from people.

It often was “Have you seen that show with the 16 kids?”

Now it is “So what do you think of the mom that gave birth to the 8 babies?”

In one word… CRAZY.

But hey, I am sure there are many thinking the same thing of me. Hey… there are many moments in a day when I know I am crazy!

I understand wanting babies. I understand wanting to be a mom. I also know that having 6 little ones… is overwhelming at times. There are many times I am doing the single mom thing while Sanj is at a meeting or whatever.

Yet, I do have a break. I can leave them with him and inhale sanity when I need it and vice versa.
I know that Sanj works his booty off so that we can provide the basics for the boys and then some.
This is what parents do.

Sane parents do not have expensive baby making procedures yet lack the resources to take care of them afterward.

I also believe that the doctor that implanted the embryos should be held liable.

I can only feel for the children. The six she does have are babes themselves. I can’t imagine the chaos that will accompany the babies when they come home.

How will the children with special needs be taken care of ?

I am sad for these children. I am not sure what this mother must feel but I am sad that her selfish decisions now impacts the little beings that she says she would stop living for.

It is unreal. Yet really the bigger issue is how would impregnate her… money or not? There has to be a number of rules broken, so to speak.

So my thoughts… a very sad story. I am not sure this will have a happy ending. Yet, these children are here now. Someone has to look out for them.

And yet I can’t help but think of Matthew 7:1, “Judge not that ye be not judged.”

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