Traditions. I love traditions.

I love making up traditons that will be with us forever. Maybe passed on to the next generation.

So we make them up as time goes by.

The most anticipated is the 10 year trip. When each boy turns 10 years old, they plan a trip with Sanj. Just the two of them.
It is a great time. It is special. It is a right of passage, so to speak, into the double digits.

Sanj and my 10 year old hang out, usually fit in a NHL game, a little deep sea fishing … each child is different.

So it is Jordan’s turn. He is actually 11 already, but hey… he is 10 at heart! 🙂

They went to Tampa. Each child is so different when they are one on one. Makes me rethink the only child scenario. Too late.

I love how there isn’t jealousy. The older ones had their turn and great memories. The younger ones know their turn is coming. They talk about “when I am 10, I am going to …”

It is a great time to talk about life … treatment of others, women, growing up in general.
(No the sex talk doesn’t happen there… Sanj is too wimpy to have this conversation. So I do it before they go… then he has the follow up… whatever that means)! lol

So they are off… making wonderful memories, having that male bonding that will only grow each year.

Traditions… creating something special.

This picture was sent to me from them at a game.

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One Response to Traditions

  1. SG says:

    I love this idea! I hope to have my boys do this with Aaron.

    If you have any tips on "the talk" let me know..