Happy Birthday to my Mother-in-law!

Today is my mother-in-law’s birthday. We are going over for lunch. She is having a “party” for herself.

That made me feel bad. Usually I would be on top of it.

This lady has given me the best gift ever. Her son. He is no doubt the best thing that has happen to me.

I am indebted to her. (I got her a really good present)! 🙂

There are so many things I could say about having this lady in my life, for better or worse.
Yet, the biggest thing I have learned is to ask myself WWJD?

I have learned to ask hard questions and wondered how I would want to be treated… in years from now?
I have learned that mothers define themselves by their children. (Well some do).
I have learned that with the right thumb, you can have plants that thrive.
I have learned that Reader’s Digest can teach you so much.
I have learned that cards, the words, really do matter to some.
I have learned that once a teacher, always a teacher.
I have learned that eggplant can be a yummy dish.
I have learned that memories can carry you a long time.
I have learned that you become so much of your parent… you just can’t stop some things, especially genetics.
I have learned that you can change dislike to like and even love.
I have learned that love is really spoken in different languages.
I have learned that time with the one you love is the best gift of all.

So to my mother-in-law… I thank her… for all I have learned and continue to learn. I thank her for Sanj and being part of another family that adds a whole new dimension to my life.

Happy Birthday!

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