Oh Martha, Where Are Thou?

Last night I took the boys to see Race to Witch MountainIt was a good movie. The boys liked it. Nothing like action and fighting “bad guys” to keep their attention.

I promised Sanj this time to work on his homework. I am a little tired of being the wife of a doctoral student. It has put a crimp in my social life. I think that when he gets his doctorate, I should get an honorary one, at least!

We went to dinner with friends on Tuesday night. We eat at an old mansion… the Burnham mansion. Apparently there is a ghost that resides there. Martha, I think, was her name. I am a big chicken. I don’t like to know this kind of stuff. I am glad I only found out at the end of dinner. Apparently many of the staff have had encounters with her. Menus and wine glasses are “pushed” off their spot. I was a little freaked out. Yet it was overall a nice night to reconnect with friends and have dinner with my hubby.

I love the fact that my children are not scared of the dark. Sammy and Tyler slept in their “new” rooms in the basement. NO night lights needed. Me, on the other hand, must have some light on. When Sanj is away, half our house is light up. I am a big chicken.

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