Have you ever had those moments when all you can do is LOL? LAUGH OUT LOUD? Or else you may just start to cry and never stop?

Living life with 6 boys is a constant choice of LOL or CRY AND NEVER STOP. I had to take this picture and post it because it is the kind of thing that can only happen here.

I am not sure what made me look up… but as I was on the john I saw this…

Yes… this is a picture of wads of toilet papers stuck on my bathroom ceiling. Huge spit wads… I am guessing…

If you look at the highest point in our foyer (which is 2 stories high) you will see darts stuck on the wall. I believe this was an attempt to pop balloons that had floated up.

I found a shot glass filled with pee… just sitting there. I am sure this was Josh’s doing as he was fascinated with the shot glass.

One of my kids has a fascination of craving into wood… usually the name of his sibling… belying who really did it.

This list goes on… I am going to try to document it as I see a BOY SIGHTING such as this picture. A sight that screams BOYS BOYS BOYS! A sight that makes you LOL.

A sight that makes you pause… and appreciate that boy wonder that is so beautiful and so out of my zone.

I love this picture. I didn’t really appreciate it as it is still stuck to my bathroom roof till I remember to take a ladder and scrape it off. Yet I love the spirit of impulsiveness and the giggles that probably accompanied it.

Oye! I should really write this on my to do list.

LOL – a gift that should be treasured when your child blesses you with that moment.

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