My Life with Sanj!

It is so beautiful outside!!! I can’t help but be happy and motivated when the sun is shining and spring is in the air.
Sanj goes away Thursday morning to some place in Florida for a conference. He is usually in meetings and kept busy the whole time. (Well, so he says)!

I do miss him when he is gone but if I am honest, breaks are good. Is that bad to say? It has nothing to do with him or us, but rather the pressure I put on myself.

I always try to meet his OCD need of a neatish house (though somedays I really just have to say “whatever!” But usually I like him to walk into the door with a somewhat orderly entrance. He is starving when he walks in… just like my sons, so I try to have supper ready.

I don’t enjoy the everyday cooking routine… you know…
What am I going to make? If I ask Sanj, I will get, “Hum… I am not sure.” (Helpful, very helpful)!
Do I have what I need? Probably not.
Groceries… Yuck… Ask a real shopaholic…. groceries are NOT shopping!
Come home and put it all away.
Begin supper… aw shoot… I forgot eggs or whatever.
Or maybe I just don’t want to cook. (Trust me, we do our share of supporting the eateries around here)!

OK… pause… I know someone is going to tell me to meal plan… Yah, I know!

My point is that I put this pressure on myself.

While Sanj is gone… I can make pancakes or KD… my kids will be thrilled.
I don’t care how messy it gets… because I know we will get to it and it gets neat again.
I don’t care about being late as much as Sanj does for school… I’d rather we get there sane than insane.

The one thing I keep saying to Sanj is that he doesn’t know how hard he is to live with. I am pretty sure if he lived with himself, he would move out. He has changed with each year… he is obsessive about neatness and order. He hates having toys around (HELLO …. a house with 6 children)!!!! He hates the boys using his office… but despite the access to other computers we are all drawn there. He hates my messy van and just ask any one of my boys about “Daddy’s truck”… Yet he can be messy.

He stresses out easily. “WHO TOOK MY KEYS???” Um… nobody. But he is so freaked out about losing them he can’t focus on finding them. Right now, as he is planning (he does this constantly, planning in his head) for his Florida trip, he has misplaced his belt.

Lord have mercy! You would have thought he couldn’t find his passport (well we went through that a few weeks ago)! This has been the conversation and obsession of the day. WHERE IS THAT DARN BELT???

I bet you money he will lose sleep over this tonight. Today as I complained to him about how exhausting he is… he says “I know, I tire myself out too!”

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh… yes sometimes he is another child. I love him. I am so glad he is there to be stressed over every single thing. I stress quietly about the things that matter. (What am I going to wear to his alumni)?

Absence is good for the soul. But really I miss him already.

Thank you God for this crazy, wonderful man I have the privilege of calling my best friend and biggest pain in the butt!
Safe travels… please.

Just before I click on PUBLISH… Sanj just yelled down… “I found my belt.. it was under a tee-shirt.”
See what I mean??? lol

This is a picture capturing my dear hubby suffering from stressitis … how are we going to get out of this parking lot???
Isn’t he a cu-tie?

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