Reema wants to be your friend… Do you accept?

Facebook… do you love it or hate it?

I love it. It is a great way for me to stay in touch with people I would other wise lose touch with. Sanj would say that if this is the case they are not my “real” friend. I disagree. There are many people in my world I like knowing how life is going, seeing picture of their children and pet. I feel like I get a sneak into their life that I would otherwise not have. Cousins, friends from university, high school, even in my community.

I like it also because I get to see inside my children’s world. As said before, I am a required friend if they want the privilege of Facebook. You learn a lot about their social circle. A lot! You can’t stop friendships but you can certainly educate against things that are part of their world. Sweet little Johnny is a team leader and player in the locker room yet on Facebook, he is chatting about various drugs and vices. My eyes are opened wider!

I love the different ways that pop up of getting to know people better… different notes that you can read or be part of that allow a look into a whole different dimension of a person.

I love it. Sanj hates it. Actually this calls for caps…. HATES IT! He thinks it is ridiculous to keep in touch this way. If you are a friend, he feels that you will be in his life actively. He is a black and white kind of person. I have many areas of grey in my life.

Yet he loves his Blackberry. He is addicted. He doesn’t seem to realize that it is an immediate gratification kind of thing with the www. I hate his Blackberry. It is like a mistress.

Facebook was orginally designed by college students for college students. But now is the social networking site that is used by tweens- 90 year olds!

People can stay current on the on goings of families. I know that “Reema is changing a light-bulb” kind of status drives some people crazy. They (Sanj) finds it stupid. I, on the other hand, love to see creativeness coming out. I love knowing someone else is annoyed that they are up at a crazy hour.

I love knowing the happening of my “children” from yesteryear… they ones I lived with and baby-sat. I live seeing other people’s lives, traditions and even struggles.

Yes, it can be addicting… so I will refrain from using my computer in bed (is there a lent up and coming again?)… and engage with my hubby… (apparently I have been on my computer too much…) lol…

I love the great things about Facebook.

There are things that drive me bonkers… but I can ignore those applications that I don’t have time or interest engaging in.

I think that as long as parents are supervising their children’s usage etc. it is a great tool to keep people together… family, extend family and friends.

When I was younger, I remember my dad would make us write letters to his mother, brothers and cousins in India that we did not know. I remember writing on the aerograms… do they still have those? This was an attempt to have some sort of connect with his family in India.

Nowadays, I love it that my boys have their aunts and uncles as friends. They write to them on their own accord. I love that a relationship is developing on its own terms with family afar.

SO… Facebook… love it or hate it?

By the way, those that read my blog on Facebook and comment there, thanks for reading and supporting my feeble attempts at being an author in my own world! 🙂

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2 Responses to Reema wants to be your friend… Do you accept?

  1. SG says:

    Love it ! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sanj….I am so with you.

    I hate the whole blog, facebook, twitter bla bla bla. It is an intrusion into my private life, and too much personal info from others. Good for some, not for me.
    I constantly worry about someone posting my childs face and some crack pot liking how he looks, and deciding to find him. And you are so easy to find once you piece together all the little bits of info people like to share.

    Sorry Reema…I am with Sanj on this one. I only check your blog occaisionally to see what you have quoted me on!

    But I still love you. Just thought I would mix it up a little since you have been complaining about the lack of comments!