Oil and Vinegar

When I was young and thought of how many kids I wanted I knew I wanted more than 3 and not an odd number of children.
4 was my perfect number… 2 boys and 2 girls. Well God had other plans…

Growing up with 2 brothers there was always an odd one out. One had to ride Space Mountain with a stranger… you know that kind of thing that makes an even number family handy. 🙂

I always hoped that my children would be friends aside from family. That is yet to be seen as they become adults. As brothers now it is the luck of the draw. Most of them get along with each other every other day.

Yet I have 2 of them that are a constant combination of oil and vinegar.

We know that if we are in the van… to seperate them with 2 seats apart. Just looking at each other causes discombobulation.

It is very unsettling to me that the seem to dislike each other. One more than the other. Yet I know that I can not force things either.

This weekend Sanj and the boys got the guitars out and were playing together. (This is a blog on its own).
The boys have been taking guitar for a year now and really love it. I love it. There is not constant nagging to practice. I would like to say… QUIET… please. 🙂

Yesterday I heard two playing together. One on the drums and one on the guitar. Music… together… made by Oil and Vinegar. Beautiful together.

Oil and Vinegar together don’t mix but still make something beautiful together.

Be still my heart… and then it was back to normal… “Mommy!!!”

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