Happy Friday!

It is 7:15 a.m. Most of my kids are awake and showered! How come they can’t do this everyday? Is it because Sanj isn’t home? Is it because it is Grandparents Day? Is it because the pups come home today? Maybe it is because of their love for school!

Grandparents Day… it is a day at our school that Grandmas and Grandpas are invited to join their grandkids for the morning. They visit the classrooms, have a delicious brunch and then there is a program, usually a musical of sorts that is put on for them to watch. Then they have the option to take their grandkids out to lunch.

My mom is here for this every year with excitement. My in-laws miss out this year as they are visiting India.

We will just grab Wendy’s or something today and go pick up the pups. I am hoping the boys do not burst from excitement before then!

Sanj called from Florida, down playing his time. Hum… I am not falling for it.

Did I mention how beautiful it is outside??? Spring… I just LOVE it!

Ok… it is 7:28 a.m. I am stalling. I would like to snuggle under my covers for a bit more shut eye.
Not today! Happy Friday, here I come!

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