Puppy Loving!

It is Saturday… the pups have recieved so much loving, I’m wondering if they can overdose from it?

It reminds me of bring home the “new brother” how many times… and each waiting for their turn to hold him.

The pups were up every three hours needing to go out. Oye… I really hope that birth control is a sure thing… as I sure am too old to do this with a baby human!

Boy can they cry/bark… I was worried about hearing them… no problem there!

The boys lay beside them or the crate and keep wondering, “how long can a pup sleep?”

If it wasn’t so insane, I would need 6 pups to cover all the love that is being passed out.
I LOVE this picture! Tyler is going to sleep next to Bo tonight…. he said… ” you can sleep tonight, mom, I got it!”
We’ll see. But the thought is too cute! Jordan is apparently going to be Bella’s night time sitter.

We’ll see… Tomorrow Sanj gets home. I really can’t wait for him to be part of the excitement. Oh, and night time potty runs!

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