Love the Ones You Love…

Today was a day I would have LOVED nothing more than to be home and stay in bed with a book… add a nap to the mix and it would be perfect! It has been raining all day and is chilly. But nope… my “to do” list was calling too loudly.

Dashing here and there with Josh was not fun. My mom left today, after leaving a bunch of tasty dishes that my children already gobbled up. As much as she enjoys her time here, I know she appreciates the calm and quiet that she will go to at home.

This weekend, I am assuming country kids were looking for something to do and went down our street and knocked off mailboxes. Hope they had a barrel of laughs.

Today at Walmart, I was lucky enough to get a parking spot up front in one of the few “parent with child” spots. Since it was pouring rain I felted so thankful. Next to me was the handicap spots. A lady was honking and telling this little grandpa with his walker that he had taken her spot. She was certainly younger than him and did not seem handicapped. How pathetic her life must be to pick on someone with an obvious handicap. I felt bad. I was embarrassed for her and her behavior.

I am so happy to have my hubby back. It makes me really appreciate all that I have. While at his conference, one of the audiologists that he reacquaints himself with recently lost her husband. He went to the hospital on a Monday because he was not feeling well and having trouble breathing. By Thursday he was died. He had lung cancer and did not know it. They thought it was pneumonia.

Life has a way of throwing a curve ball when you least expect it. So it was a reminder to simply love the ones you love.

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    What a cute picture!