Earth Day…

Happy Earth Day…

Do you say Happy Earth Day? On the way to school this morning I saw kids from other schools (I assume) picking up garbage around town… free coffee for those that bring in their own mugs… good stuff everywhere.

Simple things such as changing your light bulbs to the longer lasting ones or just recycling faithfully or turning your thermostat down a degree to two… lots of simple ways to take care of our planet.

I hate being hot. I HATE IT! I love air conditioning. I know… a big offense in the Green World. So I am pledging to TRY really hard to keep the air off. I hope that living here where it is always windy and colder works the same way and to my advantage in the summer. It is a step in the right direction, anyway, right?


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One Response to Earth Day…

  1. SG says:

    Go for the air conditioner honey! I hate being hot too…The way I look at it is that God is in control of our planet and ultimately HE will decide when it is not able to be lived on anymore..Sure…recycle if you want..don't litter…but just remember God is way bigger than us mere humans..and we cannot change the planet to the extent that some people would like us to believe.