Health, Hope and Happiness…

Life … when you look at the big picture and have health, some happiness and hope, you are in a good place.

I was chatting to Sanj today about the stresses of life… most people usually have some stresses happening… big or small.
When you work for yourself… and are the sole provider… especially for a family of 8… you worry all the time.
And if this is a big part of your personality… well that little worry usually just gets a little heavier.

So as I shoulder some of that worry every once in a while… I had to really stop and think of the big picture. Sure it would be great to win the lotto… even just 1 million would be great… don’t want to get greedy, you know! But… think of all we do have…

Health… it is something I take for-granted because aside from the usual headaches, tummy aches and growing pains… we have not had to deal with that as a stress.

Hope… we always have the hope of tomorrow! How wonderful is that? No I didn’t get it done today… but tomorrow is another day. There is always hope of a new day.

Happiness… really it is in your definition, isn’t it? My family… my boys and husband make me happy. Yes, they drive me crazy, too… but overall I would never rid myself of any of them. (At least not this moment)! I love being together.

Happiness can be as simple as hot fudge over mint chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins, hold the cherry please.

Happiness is no laundry or a restful nap.
Happiness is a perfect pair of jeans that just “grow”with you.
Happiness is a sunny day, not too hot and hot to cold.
Happiness is being home being at home and enjoying a thunderstorm.
Happiness is the end of hockey season…. shhhhh!
Happiness is hanging out with my friends.

Happiness is sometimes a moment. It may sometimes last a moment, if you are really lucky then you get an extra moment. It is looking at sleeping children… snuggled together… be still my heart.

I finally had my porch swing put up… Happiness. I love a porch swing. I haven’t actually sat on it with a book and a drink… yet. It has been rainy. But the weekend forecast looks fabulous! Happiness is enjoying beautiful weather on my swing!

Health, hope and happiness. I hope that someone or something made you happy today, even if it was only for a moment.

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