Love Yourself…

Today I had a lovely visit with a friend and children. I am not sure but I think that this beautiful weather makes me more friendly.
It makes me want to have parties, BBQ and hug my friends.

I am looking forward to enjoying our property. When we moved mid September last year, it seemed winter came by immediately.
Yuk. So with the grass changing from a icky brown to various shades of green, I feel like my soul is filling up. I even feel like baking… it is just a feeling so far!

Today I was thinking of how important it is to love your self. Some people just seem to do so but for so many it is a process. For me, a long process. I am sure that I was projecting such insecurity that it just sent a message of “please leave me alone…”
I am not sure when I started to realize that I am worth the effort. Probably in university was when the seed was starting to sprout.

After children… definitely. When I had wee ones that were so dependent on me… I had to forget about my fears and inhibitions and grow up. Loving your self is a gift that you give to your children too. I don’t want my children to have such little self worth.
I realize that self esteem is a process that begins as a child and is a journey that each child takes.

How I treat myself is how others will treat me. Now days sometimes my head can get a bit swollen from all the compliments I shower on my self. Other day… it is pretty ugly.

I just hope that my children will never feel they have to throw themselves at anyone for friendship. I hope that they grow knowing that they are each a gift, special and unique all unto themselves.

I hope that they treat each of their friends and siblings with respect. That is a hard one. Siblings… the constant tug of war between love and hate. Yet RESPECT is a must… I am constantly struggling to keep them from crossing over to put downs and insults.

If you were to meet yourself… would you want to be friends (with yourself)?

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One Response to Love Yourself…

  1. a friend says:

    I love throwing myself all over you for your friendship…hope I'm not too heavy…LOL xoxox