Not Too Far But Away!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I am always available for my children and husband. I am always a phone call away (thanks to the cell phone)!

I am off this weekend with some girlfriend to hang out. No plans is the plan! I love it. Nothing like chatting, watching chick flicks, eating, sleeping, reading, eating, sleeping…

I am really looking forward to it. I miss being away from the guys. I really do. I will not miss making meals, picking up and laundry for two-ish days. I hate missing whatever they will do without me.

But I am tired. I am getting old. I am in need for some time out of being Mommy.

This time I have been ordered to leave my cell at home. Last time Jordan called me 20 Xs (no word of a lie) … things like “Daddy isn’t being nice to me…” Sorry honey pie… deal with it. Love you.

Then it is back to reality. But for now… laundry is being caught up, refrigerator stocked, my bag packed!

And off I go… away… just for a little while!

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