Changing Your Story…

I am watching Grey’s Anatomy… Meredith is telling a mom who is making excuses for her abusive husband that she has to change her daughter’s story. (The little girl shot her dad 17xs with a gun).

I liked that. CHANGE YOUR STORY… if you are not happy with it. You have the power to do so.

Walk away from unhealthy… it is a choice.
Walk away from the things that hold you back.
Walk away from not being the best you can be.

As Oprah says, “Live Your BEST Life!”

It is a choice. Change your story. You have the power to do so.
What a gift.
How great to have a choice!

Is your story yours?
Change your story to the one you want to live.

The first step to this change is making THE CHOICE!

I love that. Change your story!

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