Life At This Moment…

This weekend I went away for a couple of nights. I relaxed. I rested. I was able to just BE!
It was great. It was wonderful. It was all that it was.

Back to reality. I love my boys. I love my husband. I love my friends.

I can’t wait for summer. But this means watching Sammy say goodbye to Rhema and all that was. It means watching and accepting my son becoming a full fledged teenager… that is off to high school.

Wow. So many changes. Hey, at least I am not pregnant. 🙂

I love this picture. I wish my older ones were more co-operative with my picture taking. 🙁

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One Response to Life At This Moment…

  1. kumardixit says:

    welcome back. great picture. This is the cover of your book!