Here is a few things I have learned this week past:

Hospitality is a gift. Not everyone can naturally be a gracious host. It requires a self-less person that worries and considers their guest constant needs. Whether it is feeding, resting, entertaining or comforting… it is something that one considers every minute of that visit.

I was on the receiving end of this… what a delight. I felt loved and cherished and special. There are many levels of hospitality, of course… but to receive the 5 star treatment while in someone’s house is extra special. It is one of those special gifts that God bestowed on special people.

Gift Giver and Gift Receiver… they are two very different things. I love giving gifts. I love that special something that has someone I love name all over it. It may cost $2 and be a silly thing or $20 and be a token of love. It makes me feel really good to shop for someone else. Actually, it is one of my favorite past-times.

I have learned it is very hard for some people to accept gifts without blushing when they are used to being a giver. But it is an important element… for one to accept the token of love… otherwise you are robbing the giver of the pleasures you so fully know as the giver. Sometimes it is easier to be the constant doer… than accept and be the receiver. This is a moment you just need to “suck it up!” 🙂

Silence… it is a good thing. Sometimes, after someone shares with you a hurt or pain… there are no words to make it better. Nothing you say will fix it. They don’t expect you to fix it. Sometimes when someone shares… it is a privilege to hear their story. Sometimes the only response that is appropriate is silence. Silence does not mean discomfort. It can be just what it is. A moment that was shared.

I learned that life can be discombobulating even when it is good. I feel that right now. I feel like I should be doing more… yet am stuck. I am not sure how to take that next step… or what that next step is. I have ideas… actually too many ideas… but I guess I am really hoping that God will take the lead on this. Maybe waiting is O.K.

These are just some thoughts of my week…

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