The End of a Long Day!

It’s Friday night… I love Friday nights. I always have. We are down a few kids tonight. The house seems too quiet!

Max is at a friend’s and Tyler is doing the 30 HOUR FAMINE! Yes… the grade 7s are experiencing lack of food for 30 hours, while having a big sleep over at school!

What a trooper! It really is hard to imagine the lack of food and water for so many people in the world while we have a ridiculous abundance.

I made a campfire and hung out with Jordan and Zach and the pups. What a gorgeous night. I love the smell of a campfire. I love smelling it in my babies hair.

Oh… let me tell you about my God sighting today. It is a silly story but was very real to me. Sammy’s class was in Cobourg (about 45 minutes away) for a baseball game with a bunch of other 8th graders from other schools.

He was suppose to be there for 8:30 am… we missed the bus… (LONG STORY).

So I driving to the game and had trouble finding exactly where we were suppose to be going. After an hour of driving around, not finding the place, I said that if they were not at the next spot, we would have to head home.

No team… so I am looking for my way to the highway. Sammy is really disappointed and trying to be OK about it. I prayed… “God please help me.” I was on a street in the middle of no where. On the right side we see lots of cars, some school buses and a ball diamond. This isn’t oen of the spots I was suppose to look. I said, “Sammy don’t think this is it…” SO off he goes to see if there were any familiar faces.

I see a smile! WOW! This really could only be a God thing. It was a small thing yet a huge thing. I needed a God sighting.

While I listen to my non-believing friends justify things, it is easy to see where FAITH really comes in play. I am so glad that I have Someone to believe in and have Someone I can yell to. What a great GPS!

You can choose to believe or not. I find believing a lot easier. I find that when I seek His presence I am always reassured in ways that make sense to me.

He comes down to my level. This is my God sighting. I needed it today. SO… thank you God. You know it all and I am so grateful for Your constant presence. I am always grateful for Your understanding my moments of doubt.

It’s Friday night. I am so glad that each week has a beginning and an end.

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