Desperately Seeking Summer

I have so much to say… but time runs away and then the day is over. I am looking forward to summer. I am looking forward to Sleeping IN!!! There is nothing better than just waking up on your own. I hate sitting up, squinting at the alarm and realizing that I better get up at that exact moment! I hate bugging my kids to wake up when I understand how much they just need to sleep.

I am looking forward to being with the boys. I love just hanging out. I am looking forward to days at the beach, little mini trips and just being home.

Summer! I love it. I love the pace it allows us to keep. We are almost there!

Of course I know that there will be bugs, days that are too hot and the usual fighting.

We have 2 summer birthdays… Sammy’s is June 27th, Tyler’s is July 10th and swished in there is our 15th anniversary!

15 years… it doesn’t really sound like a big number and yet it is a life time. Life before Sanj seems like such a distant memory.
I have had him in my life more than I haven’t… since we were friends forever before that.

I add another teenager to the list. Tyler is going to be 13! Lord, I pray this is an easier ride… PLEASE!

Sammy is going to be 14 and I really had hoped that maybe he could find a little job… but no one is hiring till around 16 years old.

They will be busy living at the golf course. Maybe Jordan will take it up more. Max can’t wait to be old enough to golf with out having to have an adult there.

Josh will be happy (I think) to have his brothers home again. Zach will be happy to have a break from school.

I have so many things I want to accomplish this summer. We will have to see how much I get accomplished.

9 more sleeps! Summer … here we come!

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