Grad dinner tonight. I am feeling excited, anxious, overwhelmed with a 101 different emotions.

I can’t wait. But then I want to stop time in that moment so I can really enjoy it and hang on to it.

Sammy is displaying all sorts of emotions too. He is really excited about his tux… that he will wear his Puma shoes with!

How is it that this babe of mine is going to high school? I remember high school like it was yesterday (well kinda).

Soon he will be taller than me. (He keeps checking). He already has bigger feet.

Tonight. I can’t wait.

(Grad dinner… what is it? It is a night all about the grads. Just their parents and the staff. I think it is very intimate for the class. The decor and food is taken care of by the grade 7 parents. I am not sure by I think this night is even more special then the actual grad… not sure. Will let you know)!

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