A Night with Bond, James Bond!

Thursday night was a wonderful night. Sammy looked dashing in his tux and added his own flair with his Pumas. He told us he wished we had an Aston Martin so he could be Bond… James Bond!

That is what stuck out to me the whole night. This group of kids/becoming young people. They looked so grown and yet there was the childish playfulness what belied the fact that they were still kids.

It was an evening of picture taking, eating, fellowship. It was amazing to see these once JKs in heels and ties.

The staff each picked a child or two and wrote a tribute about each of them. What strike me was the effort that was obviously put in and just how amazing they nailed each child.

Listening to two minutes about oneself … about what makes them special… what gifts they have and what will be missed about them is quite a gift to leave with.

As I watched Sammy … I realized that he is ready to make that next step. He has been well prepared with by the wonderful people he has spent so many hours for so many years.

I had many emotions running through me. Pride and love was the greatest… I think. As he slept with us that, his body almost as long as mine, taking up 1/3 of the bed, I was so grateful to God for the last 8 years… For the gift of Rhema, the gift of dedicated teachers and parents, the gift of home away from home.

Monday he will stand with his class, shake hands with his teachers, and receive that paper that says, “Well done, good job, time to move on.” He is ready. He will be awesome. His is awesome.

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