Paddles Up!

Yesterday was the Dragon Boat Festival. It is such a emotionally charged day… it is all about BREASTS… men and women. It is about cancer and the fight against breast cancer and awareness.

I love it. I love the feeling that is there… so many people … all for one cause.

Rhema Reflections is the team we have from the school. What a great group of people. Committed. Great sports.
Winners. We raised over $2000 towards the fight against breast cancer. All that money that is raised stay in Peterborough to buy equipment to fighting the fight. Last year was the Million Dollar mark. Let see how soon we can get to $2 million.

At midday there is a change in spirit… as the Survivors Abreast team competes with the other surviver teams. They are amazing. They are women of all ages that have decided that cancer is not going to win.

There is the song “I will remember you…” dedicated to all those that lost their battle this year. Names are read, and pink carnations are then toss in the lake as they pay tribute to those women.

Those flowers represent mothers, sisters, friends all who fought hard. It is such a incredible day.

Paddles Up! Thanks for all that were part of this day. Thank you to all those that fight the battle every day. You inspire! Thanks for all those volunteer to make this a day that is unforgettable.

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