Putting It Out There…

Honesty… that is what I hear over and over… when I get a comment about a blog I have written.

The one I wrote not to long ago called…. Crazy . Sanj’s comment was “honest, very honest.”

OK… here is the thing. I am writing with the assumption that there is not a perfect family out there. I am writing with the assumption that most parents mess up. Now I realize this may not be the truth for some… but I am pretending that perfection is not a reality.

Maybe I am in denial… but if so… those of you with perfect families and perfect parenting skills… please just be quiet and let me live in my world.

I assume that most people love their children to death and would do anything for them… yet can’t help but be driven crazy by them once in a while. Or maybe this is just me… with kids that outnumber me!

I assume most people have families full of issues. But maybe I just make myself feel better thinking this.

Regardless… I write for the number one reason to express and release emotions. I love how writing leaves me feeling like I just had a good yawn… a great exhale of breathe. I love how I understand myself better as I read what I wrote. Silly, but I may not always know the thoughts that will come out … yet then realize that is just what I needed to vent.

I write for me. Sometimes I write for my kids. Sometimes I write knowing that someone I love needs to hear my thoughts.
Regardless… I am a “what you see is what there is” kinda person. If you want to know… just ask. Because chances are, if I want to know, I will ask you.

So I am not scared of saying the things on my mind most of the time… because it makes me feel better. It has a similar effect of diving into a bucket of mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Honesty … sometimes it is all there is.

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