Happy Birthday Daddy…

Today is my dad’s 75th birthday.

It is quite a miracle that he has made it to this date. He literally was on death’s door, the doctors had all but written his time of death… and then there he was… back.

If you have been following my blog, you know that my relationship with my dad has been one of many mixed emotions.

I thought of him today …wishing him a happy day… and felt good about the place where my emotions lie.

It is still a mixture of many feelings that day to day… week to week… month to month.

I am glad that God gave him these extra years, if for no other reason than for me to work it out in my head and heart.

My dad is so complicated. I am sure even he does not figure himself out. But as I reflect on this man that is a part of my being
I can celebrate survival… I can appreciate the me that is from him… I can even understand more of those pieces of the puzzle that make him.

I am glad that God sees in him all things that are bright and beautiful.

Happy Birthday Daddy.

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