Thou Shalt NOT…

Today I find myself in a snit. As I am cleaning (no doubt a huge part of being in a snit), I realize that I am coveting. Does the 10th Commandment not say, “Thy shalt not covet thy neighbor’s….” Yet I find myself coveting.

What am I coveting? Lots of things… buy mainly a simple life or rather a cleaner life. I also think that money would solve all my woes. Yet I know that not to be true. Yet I can’t help but want to find out.

I would buy housekeeping serves… full-time…. this would include cooking, cleaning, laundry and groceries.
So what WOULD I do? Play. I would love to play with my kids… rather than nag them to clean… pick up and just be helpful.

I would love to write all the time… I would take some classes…. I would travel… I would just be…. without worries.

OK… I realize that money comes with a whole new set of problems… but I would like to find them out myself. lol

I am whining. I let go of my cleaning lady… in efforts to save those pennies or spend them elsewhere. But even though it hasn’t been a full day… I am cranky. I guess I have this picture in my head of a house that runs efficiently after I say things once. I guess I have this image of the boys making their beds, picking up towels, tidying up the bathroom, doing their laundry all without being told.

Yet here it is only a few hours after my little “loud talk” of being more helpful and thoughtful…. and I am not sure I have been heard.

Yet, I want my sons to be men that take care of themselves and their things well. I want to raise men that do without out needing to be told or nagged. But I know that part of my job as their mom is to nag now so that someone else will reap the rewards of my efforts. lol

So as I covet my neighbour somewhere that seems to have it all… I will continue to be in a snit for a bit longer and then we will go play… till there is reason to be in a snit again.

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