Cousin Fun!

This weekend was full of family fun.
One of Sanj’s cousins came with his family for the weekend.
Our extended family was a big part of my memories growing up. We did alot with our cousins … played, fought, loved and lived.
To this day, they are a part of me.

When my dad was sick a few summers ago, while we were living through a nightmare, waiting for doctors in the family waiting room, in walked my cousin. I had not seen him in years. Yet there he was, flew in from Texas, saying he knew that it was not going to be easy, so there he was. How much that has meant to me. I love him so much for being family… in all that word means.

I have a lot of cousins in Maryland, and we would visit. I was always jealous of the fact that I did not have all those ties that they had with each other… Yet family is family. In the last years, there have been many trips there to say goodbye to aunts and uncles.
Despite the fact that we did not grow up there… we still have that connection. It is something that is evident as the years go bye.

So… as my boys grow, I wish them that definition of family as I have learned to appreciate. Uncles, aunts, cousins… it is such a wonderful time for the boys when they are surrounded by that special bond that comes with heritage… a shared history… a past and present.

This is how we spent the weekend. The boys enjoyed getting to know their cousins who are quite a bit younger than them. They loved playing with their uncles and aunts. It is one of those days that despite age differences there was bonding and building of relationships. I loved watching the connections made and develop.

This is a picture of the Indian Road Rally (so it looked like) that was happening!

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