Happy Birthday CANADA!

Happy Canada Day! It is an unusually quiet day at home. Normally we would have a BBQ and folks over. Maybe because it is the middle of the week or maybe because it has been rainy… it is just us.

So it is that kind of perfect day… rainy and cloudy… perfect for a nap.

I took some of the boys to the parade this morning. Rainy and wet yet it still was perfect. One of the pitfalls of a bigger family and having kids with age differences is that you know you did stuff with the older set with enthusiasm and zest the first time around. Yet the younger set has not had that experience. Example… the CN Tower. I know the older boys have gone up and we have great memories of walking on that horrid glass floor from way up top… yet the younger boys have only seen the Tower.

So as I was at the parade … and saw this look in Josh and Zach’s face… I got the privilege of looking at the parade through their eyes… seeing it all for the first time. “Look at that Horse… the Police… Oh look at the Soldiers!”

Sometimes living something through the second time is even better.

We came home… and are resting up so we can go see the Fireworks tonight. I really hope there isn’t a storm… as in the forecast.
I love nights like this. Just being out with people, waiting, munching, chatting… knowing that at this moment… life is good… actually very good!

Happy Canada Day… thank you to all those that fight for our safety… and freedom… in the Past and Present!

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