Taking Out the Trash!

I wrote a lot today. I feels good to me. Not sure if it makes sense to you but it was in my head and I just needed to write. For me writing is a lot like emptying that garbage icon on my computer. I was complaining to Sanj that my computer was running really slow. He pointed out my overflowing garbage can.

All week as I was driving the kids from here to there, I had thoughts, many thoughts running thorough my head.
If I don’t get it out, I feel like I am too full and running slow.

Today was a long day. There is a lot that needed to be done. I had to run the kids to point A,B and C. I helped Sanj get the trampoline up. Then there was the dread of lunch (breakfast was kind of skipped… yah, I know… most important…).

Just stuff that needed my attention.

I really had hoped for a nap with Josh… one of my favorite past-times. Yes, really he doesn’t need a nap… but somedays I NEEED him to. I usually can’t sleep in that time but I love to lay with him and read or type. I didn’t get that today. I think that made me grumpy.

One of the problems of being married to a workaholic is you feel like you have to be going too. I am going pretty much all day, especially in the summer with the kids home. Yet on the weekends, Sanj doesn’t stop. He isn’t the kind of workaholic that is in his office… he is the kind that just does not know HOW to relax.

This is not how he used to be. But as he gets older, he has become hyper… if I can use that word. Not my kind of hyper but rather he just does not know how to STOP. He goes from one thing to the other. Washing the car is his down time, I think.

Yesterday I told him I had a “Honey, Please DO” list. I may as well make that restless spirit work to my advantage. So the trampoline was the first thing. CHECK! Tomorrow is the task of making the sandbox. I actually would make it but don’t know quite how… so it goes on the list. Can’t wait.

Some of the simple pleasures in a life of a child is water and sand. The boys alway have had a sand pit of some kind at each of our houses. It is the kind of thing that occupies all of them. There is no age limit on water and sand.

So… back to my workaholic husband… I told him that weekends were becoming annoying with his constant need to be in motion.

I think that sometimes when life is stressful there is a need to constantly be busy… as down time results in too much think and worry time. My sweet husband is a natural worrier. Thankfully he worries enough for both of us!

Today he did take a bit of time and hit out his frustrations on some golf balls. Thankfully. I had a few hours of relief from the constant flurry of activity!

He was in bed by 8 p.m. or so saying “I don’t know why I am so tired!” Hum… I can answer that!

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