The Ride!

The ride of the teenage years has been nothing short of adventurous! I never know what ride it will be today… is it Space Mountain… where it is a constant of ups and downs that you are kept in the dark all day?

Or is it the Bumper Cars… you just keep bumping heads all day?

Or maybe if I am lucky we will be in the paddle boats… working together nicely and smoothly.

It can be very tiring. Somedays I just don’t care. I really love them but I am not going to try anymore tonight.

Somedays can be just plain funny. Well if I didn’t think it was funny, I’d no doubt be balling!

Hormones. What a scary thing! That is why God gave sweet delicious smelling babies to hook us. Then after years of snuggling, loving and being the best thing to them… WHAM… it changes.


I love my boys. Yes, even the teenagers. I wish I COULD kiss it better. I wish I could get close enough for that snuggle.
Then it is 11 p.m. In bounces one, “I am NOT TIRED! I am going to lie here for a while.”
This drives Sanj NUTS…. who is not a night owl like the rest of his family… and just wants his space and sleep.

I am actually going to go to Chapters to look up some books on the teenager and the hormones that invaded them.

But while I complain of the woes of my 13 and 14 year old… I look out my window and see this picture.

My heart swells (literally) with pride and love as I watch my oldest cutting the grass with his youngest, taking time to protect his hearing…

How I love my boys. Do they drive me nuts? Yes.. 99% of the time! Does that 1 % make up for the 99%?


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