Dreams and Passions!

Last night I went to see Julie and Julia. I loved it! Both actresses were fabulous!

I watched my own emotions and thoughts being played out on the screen.

I loved that search for what both women were meant to do. This is where I am now in my life. I don’t want to be doing something mediocre. I feel this need and desire to do the thing that I was here to do. I just don’t quite know what it is!
Motherhood, for sure is the core of my being. And while there are days I feel that I have done a horrid job and other moments that I feel that it is all good, there is now a part of me that is ready to find that rest of me.
I love that the movie incorporated blogging. It brought out just how I feel about writing and expressing thoughts. Most people don’t get it. What is the need to share with cyberspace?
I guess I don’t think of it as cyberspace. I think of it as my journal of sorts. And yet there is a need to share… not knowing who will read it and get it.
The next step in life … how do I find fulfillment while doing the things I need to do? Working in Sanj’s office, of course is just a necessity not my dream job. But it is a step… a safe first step to leaving home… my office for so many years.
What would be dream job be? It would be writing. I am not sure of what I would be writing about… but definitely writing. I also realized that as much as I love photography, I wouldn’t want to make a career of it. I think that would kill my love for it.
So I continue to write. As I watched the movie last night, my hands felt a bit numb at one point because I just needed to start writing at that moment so badly.
I loved the men in this movie. They loved their women so much and just pushed them to find their passion. This is the kind of man I live with. Sanj is always encouraging me to do my next project. You know … the one that wakes me up at night and keeps me up! He believes in me and pushes me to do it.
I loved the cooking aspect of the movie too. As much as I hate to cook the day to day meals… I think I would actually love it if I could cook like that. I mean, how wouldn’t be able to make delicious dishes with BUTTER?
So I left this movie feeling so charged. I know that this year is one that is full of changes and challenges. But I am ready. I am excited at the possibilities that are waiting for me!
I am looking forward to finding the rest of me… and I am excited about the ride as I go on this journey!
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