Change and Being Part of that Change…

Change! It is a word that can cause all sorts of discombobulation to a soul! Over the past couple of years our school has had to go through significant changes. It has changed the essence of our school.

Is that a weird thing to say? Probably, unless you have been part of our school community. The great thing about our school is the fellowship and community that makes it such a unique place.
There was change in leadership, on many levels.
It is a scary thing when a leader takes his own agenda and pushes it at any cost. Now we are paying that price.
We said goodbye to one of the pillars of our schools. It has been a hard transition. I was busy mourning this loss wondering how we would recover.
I remember this man saying, “Our school’s face should not be centered around one person.”
Yet it was and how right he was.
Yet while I spent a year with my head buried in the sand… life went on.
I made the discovery that change means different. Different does not have to mean bad. Just different.
So as new leadership has come into place… I realize that it all good. It just means embracing the change. It means being open to the change. It means fostering all those things that are important to me… fellowship and community.
Our new principal is different than the former. He brings with him unique gifts and skills that will add to our school. ¬† I had to just ¬†wrap my head around the fact that that isn’t here nor there… it is all good.
I realize that we need to give him the support and encouragement that fosters success for him as well as our school.
So, I see this year as a new beginning of sorts all around. I am excited and full of many ideas. I am looking forward to being part of my old committee and being adventurous and joining a new one. Yikes!
I can’t wait! I am looking forward to being back were I am part of a unique group of people.
I am looking forward to making new friends and memories.
What I learned is that you can’t stop change. You can whine about it… but it doesn’t change anything. Yet you can embrace change and be a part of it. It is all good.
As I open myself to embracing the change, I have met people that are wonderful and simply need to be given a chance to be part of a successful change.
So here’s to a new beginning… change and being part of the change!
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2 Responses to Change and Being Part of that Change…

  1. Anonymous says:

    BS to 'change is good'.

    A successful leader has the ability to instill confidence in his followers that change is good. When the leader walks through the crowd with his hands in his pockets …. he will fail.

    If there is a large division of followers , stop looking to the people to blame for the lack of support in the leader. Instead, look to the ability of the man to lead.

    If the leader can't change….change is bad.

  2. Reema Sukumaran says:

    Lots of people have lots of opinions. We each have our own version of reality. This is what makes the world go round.

    Thanks for sharing.