My 11 Years Old!

Today is my Max’s birthday!

He is 11 years old.  That in itself is a little weird as he is always on of my younger ones when I am thinking of my kiddies.  11 years old!  Max was such a happy baby… He was a happy toddler… He was a happy little boy… As he leaves behind elementry and climbs up into middle school, he is still a happy one.

He loves to laugh and make others laugh.  He is a very good friend.  He is my defender.  If Sanj and I are arguing, inevitably, I will hear Max speak up and let Sanj know that,   “well you did do this, or Mommy did tell you…” He is my defender to the point that I almost feel sorry for Sanj.

The other day, Sanj said,  “Max is so beloved.”  He really is.  Oh, he fights with his brothers but he is the one that also gets along with all of them.  He is such an easy going boy.

In school, his class was studying genetics.  His teacher had drawn up a being that hollywood would want… apparently 2 of them.  They were named.  The next thing I know, Max is getting dressed of school, sporting a suit jacket (a big giveaway there), a tee-shirt tie and looking very sharp.

He is getting married!  The kids were having a wedding and Max and Vanessa Hollywood were getting married at recess.  Apparently there was a choir, preacher, bouncers…  lol  cute, eh?

Of course, I could talk forever about my Max.  I am just going to say, that on this day as we remember as a nation, I am giving thanks for a son that truly delights me.


You are a wonderful gift from God.  How much I love you!  Always be who you are!  You are loved and cherished.  Happy Birthday, My Max!

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